"Real Talk with Real Mums" is an expert advised and mum approved 10 episode podcast series, presented by Louise McSharry, looking at the issues of everyday pregnancy with medical professionals and the real women who have gone through the pregnancy journey.

There's so much to talk about that we can't fit into our normal episodes, so we thought we would do a series of short minisodes to answer the questions you've always wondered about and the questions you never thought to ask. These minisodes are called Contractions.

Behind The Mic

Louise McSharry

Show Host

Louise McSharry is a broadcaster and journalist from Dublin. She can be heard on RTE 2FM on Sunday to Thursday nights as well as on her RTE podcast, No Filter, which features conversations with extraordinary women. Her writing has appeared in The Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post, Buzzfeed.com, The Pool.co.uk, and TheJournal.ie among other places. Louise’s book, Fat Chance, was published by Penguin in 2016.

Suzie Lewis

Primary School Teacher and Real Mum

Suzie Lewis is a Primary School Teacher and mother to one beautiful son Harry who is nearly 16 months old and almost 38 weeks pregnant with her second baby

Sinead Curran

Dietician Manager NMH

Sinead is Dietician Manager, National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street. She specialises in nutrition for preconception, pregnancy & lactation, with a particular interest & expertise in diabetes in pregnancy & subfertility.

Alwyn Lyes

Midwife and Real Mum

Alwyn works in the Rotunda Hospital as a Staff Midwife and is mum to baby boy Luca, born in 2017. He is now a busy and babbling 14 month old who loves dancing and blueberries.

Jo Woods


Jo is a Delivery Suite Midwife in the Rotunda Hospital. She is passionate about delivering quality care to women and babies!

Dr Michael Boyle

Consultant Neonatologist

Dr. Michael Boyle was appointed as a consultant neonatologist in the Rotunda Hospital in 2016. His particular areas of interest are newborn infants with neurological issues, infants with surgical conditions and the care of the extremely preterm infant.

Dr Niamh Murphy

Clinical Lecturer, Research Registrar and Real Mum

Dr Niamh Murphy is a Clinical Lecturer and Research Registrar at the Rotunda Hospital and also Mum to her young son and daughter!

Rosemary Murphy

Real Mum

Rosemary Murphy is a qualified montessori teacher, Mum of 10 and 21 weeks pregnant.

Professor Fionnuala Breathnach

Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

As a certified specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Rotunda, Professor Breathnach’s practice focuses on obstetric care, particularly on obstetric ultrasound. Her clinical areas of interest include high risk pregnancy, prenatal screening and diagnosis, and twin pregnancy. She is the lead obstetrician in the combined obstetric-endocrine service at the Rotunda. She is involved in research and medical education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is a Mum to four wonderful children.

Addi Wood

Real Mum

Addi Wood is an Account Manager and Mum to beautiful baby Aidan.

Susan Hogan

Clinical Midwife Manager

Susan Hogan is a Clinical Midwife Manger who co-manages the Parent Education Program in the Rotunda Hospital with Margaret Merrigan. She is also Mum to her two beautiful children Amy aged 9 and Conor aged 6.

Ranae von Meding

Real Mum

Ranae is wife to Audrey and Mama to Ava and Arya. She is a passionate activist and advocate for same-sex parents and families.

Prof Afif El-Khuffash

Neonatologist and Lactation Consultant

Prof EL-Khuffash is a Consultant Neonatologist at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. His primary clinical and research area of expertise is the assessment heart function in term and preterm neonates. He is the lead for neonatal echocardiography and heart function assessment in the neonatal intensive care unit in the Rotunda Hospital.

Stephanie Buckley

Real Mum

Stephanie Buckley is a part-time travel blogger and full-time foodie. Her blog, Eat Sleep Chic aims to inspire independent travellers to make the most of their travel time and try local foods and gluten-free finds. She is Mum to one wonderful child.

Aisling Bhreathnach

Clinical Midwife Specialist in Lactation

Aisling Bhreathnach is Clinical Midwife Specialist in Lactation at the Rotunda Hospital.

Dr Jennifer Donnelly

Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Jennifer Donnelly’s practice focuses on high risk obstetric care and obstetric ultrasound. Her clinical areas of interest include prenatal screening and diagnosis, high risk pregnancy, maternal medical complications of pregnancy, early pregnancy loss, and general obstetric care.

Maria Boyle

Real Mum

Maria Boyle lives in Dublin with her husband and identical two girls. She is known as the cartoonist Twisteddoodles. Her work has appeared all over the world and has been translated into many different languages. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as @twisteddoodles.

Linda Hughes

Real Mum

Linda Hughes is mum to two daughters, Aobha and Emma. She currently works in Oncology.

Ann Charlton


Ann Charlton is Chaplain at the Rotunda Hospital. The chaplain provides a listening ear, emotional support and spiritual support to patients, relatives and friends, and hospital staff. They also support bereaved family members.

Geraldine Walsh

Real Mum

Geraldine Walsh is a former Medical Librarian turned journalist. With 12 years experience under her belt, and two children at home, she decided to walk away from librarianship and fulfill a lifelong ambition while also taking the opportunity to work from home. She is a freelance journalist and writer contributing to the Irish Times, Irish Examiner, various magazines and websites in parenting, lifestyle and mental health. She writes an Award Winning Blog, “Over Heaven’s Hill”, sharing her journey of becoming Momma Bear and finding her way out of postnatal anxiety. She writes a column for Easy Parenting magazine called “Parenting Truths”. She contributes to radio, podcasts, and has proudly sat on the IrelandAM couch discussing the reality of parenthood. She is a self-professed introvert and is older than she looks.

Nadine Lattimore

Real Mum

Paralympian Nadine Lattimore, welcomed the arrival of her son Adam, in April 2019 in the Rotunda hospital. The 36year old Dublin native and UCD graduate, consults in Assistive Technology across the Education and Business sector. Nadine also has a 3 year old guide dog Pilot, a German Shepard, Golden Retriever cross.

Nicola Dunne

Real Mum

Nicola is a working mum of 2 who lives with her husband Robbie and their two children, Tara (5) and Kealan (3). Both were Rotunda babies and relatively straightforward pregnancies. However at 39 weeks pregnant on her second baby, Nicola was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nicola describes the Rotunda as a special place and remembers the good care and attention she received during that difficult time. Although the time around the second birth was particularly challenging and emotional, Nicola says that focusing on her young family (and with the help of some wonderful friends and family) she managed to get through that difficult time. Nicola is now thankfully well, enjoying motherhood and living life to the full!

Dr Richard Duffy

Consultant in Perinatal Psychiatry

Richard Duffy is a consultant in perinatal psychiatry working in the Rotunda and also works in liaison psychiatry in the Mater Hospital. He is currently completing a PhD in Trinity College Dublin relating to human rights in mental healthcare. He has a one year old son, that he hopes will one day sleep through the night, even once.

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